Stool Tests Negative

So I took a standard stool test through Quest lab, and all 3 samples came back negative for ova. I did use one stool for all three samples, rather than 3 different days. One has to wonder, are light infections producing enough eggs for the standard test to find them? In the Nottingham dose ranging study, there were a few weeks where no eggs were found:

“Egg counts for individual subjects were variable and two subjects had one or two weeks in which eggs were not seen, having previously been detected.”

Those that got 50 worms had higher counts:

“The highest egg counts occurred in the people who received 50 larvae; median egg counts were similar in participants allocated to the two lower doses.”

I got a total of 37 larvae; but only 10 were given in the first dose. Then, by 2’s and 3’s, and one has to wonder if any of those attached. I’m having AIT incubate a sample for me to see if anything grows. I should know tomorrow.

IF I still have worms, which by my symptoms I would guess I have few, then the question becomes how to raise the population. If I have adequate worms, then I suppose I wait and hope I’m like the video of the guy with psoriasis, who had 60 worms, got better, relapsed, then waited, and got better after 11 months or so. I don’t know though, regression happened when I added worms. It really points to a lower population.

I guess I’ll know soon enough. Then I’ll have to figure out what to do…



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