10 New Worms Go In

Blood test and band-aid with 10 hookworm larvae

Blood test and band-aid with 10 hookworm larvae

I took 10 hookworm larvae yesterday evening. Within a few minutes, I had a strong itch and sensation of them burrowing in, then a mild itch which is ongoing. I took a “before” blood test a few hours before the infection. I will be monitoring my progress with monthly CRP, ESR, CBC (including eosoniphil count), and iron, ferretin, B12. The only thing I didn’t do was weigh myself, but a few weeks ago, with wet jeans on, shoes, and a jacket, I was 146, so I’d say I’m about 142 or so naked.

CDAI: 163

Right now, symptoms are: abdominal mass in the ilium, with partial obstructive symptoms, copius mucus and blood, diarrhea, some firmer stools, pain in the ileal area about 5/10, but had a partial obstruction 3 week ago with pain of 15/10 (I forgot how horrific those were in terms of pain. Like labor with no good endpoint but a pile of shit.) I’m very tired all the time, and am only eating blended soup, yogurt, and protein for fear of another obstruction. I have mild joint pain, which is a first. I never had joint pain before trying hookworms

I’ve basically been housebound for the last few months; I can go out and walk, but only certain times of the day, otherwise I’m too tired. My husband brings my children to and from school, and I have had to cancel my volunteer times. I probably should have pursued another therapy in this time, sometimes I wonder if I am being foolish waiting so long to troubleshoot these worms; I really don’t want another surgery to be caused by this whole experiment.

Nevertheless, I’m hopeful. I think the original dosing schedule I did was foolish, and I hope that was the reason for my demise. It makes sense, in reading this study, that the immune system has developed a response to curtain new worms from entering. But I had efficacy at first, I had a worm population (though never independently varified). I just have to wait and see…

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