Great RadioLab show on Parasites

Very entertaining radio show on parasites:

Schistosome_ParasiteAnd no, this isn’t an alien…

First, they start with Carl Zimmer, a parasitologist who talks about amazing interactions between parasites and hosts.  Then they discuss the hookworm eradication project, where it was found that the South was suffering from anemia, not laziness, and outhouses changed the course of history.  Then, an interview with Jasper Lawrence and his forays into Africa and how he started AIT (why do they never talk about how he got Necator Americanus?) And finally, a pice about toxoplasma gondii, a parasite that comes from cat feces that might influence  human behavior.  We are not all that we think we are.  We are being controlled by our bacteria and parasites as we speak.  Mhwah-ha-ha!

  1. pat’s avatar

    sadly, there just wasn’t time to get into jasper’s quest for the american hookworm; that’s a fine tale in its own right!

    thanks for the link!


  2. admin’s avatar

    Thanks for the excellent show!


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