Transdermal Magnesium – Aaaah

I have virtually eliminated my anxiety and depression overnight by soaking my feet in magnesium.  Anyone with Crohn’s disease should try this.  I’ve been religious with my oral magnesium glycinate tablets for months; tolerating about 400 mg. a day.  It’s helped the twitching a bit, but as I’ve been going to the bathroom more the last few weeks (food choices, or are the hookworms starting to fail?  Ah, the ever present paranoia.)

But I read about transdermal magnesium and first did a 1:1 ratio of magnesium sulfate (Epsom Salts ) to water, warmed it up until hot, then soaked my feet in it for 20 minutes.  That afternoon I didn’t have the racing heart I’d grown accustomed to every afternoon since January.  (and September – December)  I fell asleep that night without the necessary combo of 2 Benadryl, 3 mg. of melatonin, and Ambien.  The next day I bought some magnesium chloride from a vendor at the farmer’s market (none of my local health food stores carried it, though it can be found online.)  I tried to make “magnesium oil” but it stings when I put it on, so I prefer the foot bath. I cup of magnesium chloride to enough warm water to barely cover my feet.  I reuse it about 4 times, then dump it out and start again.  I also rub it on my face, legs, and arms while I’m soaking my feet.

I thought it was a fluke, so I’ve waited a week before reporting on it.  Now I’ve slept unaided every night since then, which is amazing considering I was back on Ambien since the second week of January, and fearing dependence and withdrawal.  I even have added back in marijuana and alcohol without ill effects, and the last few months it’s been causing worse insomnia and increased anxiety.  Woo hoo!  I’m feeling back to my normal, happy self, and it was as easy as a foot bath!

I’m due to get my period this week, so I should be a grumpy, nervous mess.  Even more proof it’s working.

I visited my psychiatrist only 9 days ago and she suggested the Celexa had “petered out” and I should add a low dose anti-psychotic that they use for depression that also helps with sleep.  I never got the name of it, I was too depressed.  What, 2 months on Celexa, with really only a few weeks of relief, and it had already stopped working?  I cried for a day, then had an enormous pie party to bake for (try inviting 71 people over for 21 pies made in 3 days when you’re suffering from “major depressive disorder” and anxiety.  I pulled it off, but I wish I had discovered the transdermal magnesium before that week.)

Now I get to focus on a trip to LA that was previously making me incredibly anxious (and now I’m getting excited about) and the Hookworm Incubation Project.  My Crohn’s symptoms are slowly coming back (more mucus, more bowel movements, a sore butt because of it), and I’m wondering if I just need a redose every 6 months or something.  I love the high, but I got a full 6 weeks of side effects last September, including neurological ones, so I’m not that keen.  I also need to do an egg count.

Hopefully I’ll manage both before we leave, and the little yogurt maker will be incubating away while we are out.  We have a secured, seperate locked room, so no animals or children can mess with the experiment.  I still feel paranoid about writing about it, but how else are we going to learn about it?

I won’t provide links to the transdermal magnesium, since it’s mostly testimonials, but I recommend anyone suffering from depression, anxiety, insomnia, muscle fascillations, charlie-horses, longstanding IBD, to soak your feet in hot liquid magnesium chloride or sulfate every night.  It’s a wonderful cure.

Worms and foot baths.  Highly recommended.

  1. Mike S.’s avatar

    This is really interesting. Why not just take a normal, full body bath with magnesium sulfate though, is there some benefit for a higher concentrate foot bath?

  2. admin’s avatar

    I’ve been soaking in epsom salts to no avail; I think the higher volume of water requires a much higher dose for efficacy. For example, I was usually putting about a cup in a very full bath. Now I put a cup in one cup of hot water and soak my feet in that. If you rub the concentrated solution on your skin, it stings. So I think it’s just a matter of dose and saturation. I’m sure if I put 10 cups in the bath, it would work wonderfully. But I can’t afford that.

  3. Mike S.’s avatar

    Hi again, a few more questions as I’m eager to try this. Do you think it’s more effective to do the foot bath in the morning or before bed, just based on your experience? Also, is using magnesium sulfate okay?, I cant get a hold of anything else.

    Still feeling good from the baths? I’m going to start trying them tomorrow night.

  4. admin’s avatar

    I’m doing it before bed since it’s relaxing and I was having insomnia. Magnesium sulfate should work. I’m in LA, driving on the freeway, visiting relatives, and sleeping with my family in a hotel, so I have to say the anxiety has come back a little, but I also forgot a tub, so am making do with a trash bag in the sink; I’m not experiencing constant anxiety like a few weeks ago, and I’m basically in a pretty stressful environment, so I’d say I’m doing pretty good considering. I took Ambien a couple of nights, but fell asleep without it last night, so…so far so good. No miracles, but as I’m still cramping and twitching, I believe I’ve got a long way to go to build up my magnesium, and who knows what other minerals are desperately behind, including iron and whatever I lost with the blood from the miscarriage and just going poop 3-20 X a day for 3 years straight.

    Let me know if you get any relief.

  5. admin’s avatar

    I plan to soak morning and night when I get home, I figure the more the better. I’ll post some links to more information when I get home.

  6. redtelephone’s avatar

    Just wanted to point this out, if you weren’t aware. Taking magnesium orally will cause loose stools or increased bowel movements. And taking calcium orally binds you up, causing less frequent bowel movements.

  7. Blip’s avatar

    lol, this has nothing to do with taking magnesium orally.. albeit magnesium will only cause loose stools if youre body doesnt utilize it, much like vitamin C.

  8. kelly’s avatar

    If you want to keep depleting your magnesium levels AND give a nice cozy home to worms, keep drinking alcohol.

  9. Martina’s avatar

    I recently purchased some magnesium cream from a compounding pharmacy in Canada. I found out that it contains magnesium choride hexahydrate… possibly also available at pet stores for fish tanks. Epsom salts are magnesium sulfate – not the same which is why the effect doesn’t last. This cream does an internal cleanse for 3 days – but now I just feel a deep inner stillness… like after having a soothing, long jacuzzi.

  10. James’s avatar

    Very late to this thread… But can anyone report on the transdermal magnesium as providing constant relief? I guess it did not otherwise you would have reported your satisfaction years ago….

  11. admin’s avatar

    I finally ended up doing inter muscular shots. (My husband learned to give them to me) Very painful, but it helped get me back up to low normal. Stopping having so much diarrhea helped too.


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