Who are you and where do you come from?

This blogging software allows me to see how many pages are visited each day, and what search terms people use to find it.  There’s been a steady increase of traffic over the year, with some days peaking at almost 200 views!  At first the Radio Lab piece got the most traffic, now the celiac trials are bringing in a lot of interested people.

Every day, there are more and more “waiting for the cure” searches, meaning, people know the website and are typing it in full.  Yet I get very few comments on this site, and many of them are from the same readers.

So I’m wondering, how do you know about “waiting for the cure?”  Is your doctor telling you to check it out, is it something you’ve stumbled upon after reading or seeing the news about worms?

You can contact me privately by clicking on the contact link, if you’d rather no one knows but me.  Or you can post a comment anonymously by making up a name and using a false email.  (Does that work?)

I know most people are afraid of other people knowing they are trying or even interested in worms.  I have no high profile career to lose, and want everyone to know about this worm option, so I’ve sacrificied any notion of privacy and just used my real name for the CBS piece, the yahoo message board, etc.  I haven’t used my name in this blog, but most people know who I am regardless…

Just wondering what everyone else is thinking these days of worm therapy and how you got here.  No real reason but curiousity and a dose of vanity sprinkled with paranoia…

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    Call it market research if you will.

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    Hi! thought Id let you know Im a med student from aus. One of the women in my course posted your blog up on our discussion board about a yr ago, I found it pretty interesting so made it a favourite and come back to visit once in a while. It’s very interesting 🙂 Thanks for sharing

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    What course was it in? Australia seems to be leading the way with hookworms, at least with the successful celiac trial. What was the reason for posting the blog – were you studying immune reactions, the hygiene hypothesis, or weird women and what they do to get well? 😉

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    It’s a MBBS (bachelor of medicine bachelor of surgery, sob basically we’re becoming doctors). Yep we had been studying hygiene hypothesis – and I found her post:

    “For anyone interested, this is a blog of one American lady’s journey trialling (not in the scientific sense) hookworm as relief from Crohn’s. http://waitingforthecure.com/
    While it is definitely not a scientific study, it is very interesting and has some good info on the immune system. She seems very educated. Hope everyone is going well.”

    I certainly find the coeliac trial interesting – both my mum and sister suffer from it, though luckily they can control their symptoms just through avoiding gluten. Hope youre feeling well atm!


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