Entrenched Mineral Deficincies

So, two weeks of twice weekly magnesium intermuscular shots, and my RBC magnesium is a point LOWER!  And I started to show signs of calcium definciency; tingly lips, numb hands and feet.  My twitching seems slightly better though.  Two of the 6 seemed to give me a day of relief.

I went to an endocronologist, since my Parathryoid Hormone was low from the low magnesium.  It’s normal now after the shots.  She suggested calcitrol to raise the calcium levels for a week (the lowest dose every other day so as not to raise them too fast.)  And added calcium supplements.  So now I’m taking about 800 – 1000 mg. of magnesium glycinate a day.  I tried citrate one night, and that gave me diarrhea.  And 1300 mg. of calcium citrate, along with an iron tab seperated from the cal/mag and a multi vitamin twice a day.

I can’t say I’m much better, and am very frustrated that it is so hard to replete.

I’m also doing transdermal magnesium, supposedly about 200 mg. a day.  I’ll add back in the footbaths, since that seemed to help a few months ago.  I’m hoping to consult with a physiologist or someone with more experience with bowel disease and longstanding mineral deficincies.  My local nutritional MD thinks it will take 3-6 months to replete, depending on absorption.

I’m in my happy week, but I dread the coming menses.  Last month, my PMS landed the week of my cycle instead, with full drenching night sweats and increased anxiety.  But I only needed to use Ambien two nights out of the last 2 months, so sleep is improving.  I haven’t upped the Celexa; still at 20 mg., but it will be a happy day when enough magnesium enters my cells and I don’t feel a constant background of jitters, twitches, tics, and worry.  Sometimes I wonder if I should just go to 30 or 40 mg. to survive the repletion time.

Patience is not my strong point.  I want to be better now.

And I’m dying for a cup of strong, black tea, and chocolate, but that’s what helped me get into this mess, so instead, I have blackstrap molasses tea with Good Earth decaf.  It’s like a gingerbread cookie in a cup, and full of iron, calcium and magnesium!  And I’m taking kelp supplements.  When I’m desperate, I’ll have a cup of decaf with milk, and linger over the scent of it.  I’m so addicted.

I’d enjoy my remission if I weren’t suffering so much.  Sigh.


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