CRP up; very disappointing

So, my symptoms have been worsening for a while; a month ago, I had a slightly elevated CRP, but now it’s shot up to 12.8 (<5 being normal).  I’m having pain now daily in the ilea-cecal valve, a lot of mucus, night sweats, and loose bowel movements.  I did an egg count yesterday, and got 1050 epg, and that was with a large air bubble in the slide, so it was more or less similar to what it was before.  So unfortunately, this regression is not due to my worms dying.

Perhaps some of us need infection more frequently, that it is the infection itself that is part of the immune balancing, as well as the worms?  I also might not be at a therapeutic number for long-lasting results; I added only 10 worms last time on top of the first 10, so only 20 worms.  Some people need a lot more to get to or maintain remission.

So I’m going to try to add another 10 hopefully soon, and see what happens.  I hope it doesn’t contribute to too much diarrhea, since I’m barely progressing with the mineral repletion.  But the inflammation in my ilium isn’t going to help absorption, so it might be that in order to maintain wellness, I might regress a bit in the mineral loss.

So hard, this experimentation.  I meant to add every 6 months regardless; as things started to get worse, I should have been proactive and not let things get bad again.  But there has been so many things I’m dealing with; a new business, the anxiety/depression, mineral deficincies, etc., that I haven’t been proactive enough.  Hopefully the worms in my incubator will hatch, and I will be closer to wellness in a week or so.  I wish we knew the “right” way to infect, and what was needed for long lasting wellness.

  1. MG’s avatar

    what’s your vitamin D level currently?

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    Have you looked into Hyperbaric oxygen therapy?

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    You should increase your hookworm population by ten. Crohn’s is, in my opinion, an adaptation to helminths conferring an increased level of immunity to hookworm and probably other helminths like roundworm and whipworm. You also have a history of losing your infections. Your current population is far below one that would present a risk of anaemia, so there is no risk to adding more.

    My bet is that as before your immunity is slowly reducing your population of hookworms, and this is the reason for the gradual worsening of your symptoms.

    So, isolate five or ten L3 larvae and reinfect.

    I would be that within a month your CRP levels and symptoms will improve.


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    Vitamin D is around 50. I’ve heard about hypberbolic oxygen; I think it’s good for killing gut bugs?

    Jasper, I know you don’t think the egg count is useful, but it hasn’t declined in the last 6 months, so if there is a drop in worm population, it hasn’t resulted in any difference in egg population. However, reinfection makes sense, and I planned last year to just add 10 every 6 months; keep waiting a few months too long. Hopefully this incubation will take, so I don’t have to go another few weeks like this.


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