Another Article proving Worms are Key

Here’s a new article from the University of Manchester, finding worms are a key part of a well orchestrated immune system.  Is it just me, or are you getting a little tired of the avalanche of proof while we wait patiently suffering, unable to afford or receive our worms?    We want worms and we want them NOW.

From the articles:

“A new class of organisms may be cutting in on the classic, co-evolutionary, immune system-boosting tango between mammals and the beneficial bacteria that inhabit their guts: parasitic worms.”

Trichuris muris eggs with Escherichia coli
Image courtesy of Kelly Hayes, University of

“Importantly, the work also showed that the presence of worms and bacteria altered the immune responses in a way that is likely to protect ourselves, the bacteria and the worms.

Intestinal roundworm parasites are one of the most common types of infection worldwide, although in humans increased hygiene has reduced infection in many countries. High level infections by these parasites can cause disease, but the natural situation is the presence of relatively low levels of infection. The team’s work suggests that in addition to bacterial microflora, the natural state of affairs of our intestines may well be the presence of larger organisms, the parasitic roundworms, and that complex and subtle interactions between these different types of organism have evolved to provide an efficient and beneficial ecosystem for all concerned.

Professor Roberts says: “The host uses its immune system to regulate the damage caused by the bacteria and the worms. If the pathogens are missing, the immune system may not give the right response.”

Professor Grencis adds: “The gut and its inhabitants should be considered a complex ecosystem, not only involving bacteria but also parasites, not just sitting together but interacting.”


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