BTeR Foundation’s International Conference on Biotherapy

November 11-14 at the Hollywood Hilton in Los Angeles, there will be a conference on biotherapy, which is the use of living organisms to treat or diagnose medical illnesses.  On Thursday at 4:00 Dr. Pritchard from the University of Nottingham will be giving a talk on helminth therapy.  On Sunday, there will be a breakout session and workshop at 9:00 AM on the Clinical Use & Administration of Medicinal Helminths.  Those of you interested in learning more about these topics should attend.  Price for the day is $175 or $105 for students,  a workshop only is $235 or $105 students.  All 4 days costs $425 / $190 students.  Members of the BTeR foundation pay less.

I’m planning on attending this.  Hopefully some of our burning questions will be answered.  Maybe those interested in helminth therapy in the Los Angeles area could meet somewhere to talk about it?  A worm date.

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    This is a really good way to try to influence the researchers. They need to hear what we’re going through as patients, our experience, what we had to pay or go through to get worms, how our doctors perceive this therapy, how our culture views it…


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