Finally, a Brief Update

So I added 15 hookworms in the end of June.  Symptoms had gotten pretty bad, and I was down to just a few eggs in my egg count.  I had an MRendoscopy and that showed mild inflammation in the ilium, but bad inflammation in the sigmoid colon, with a fistula going from colon to ovary.  Nice. I’ve never had a fistula before that I’ve known about, so despite the worms helping over the last 2.5 years, they didn’t prevent this.  It’s obvious I need enough of them to keep efficacy going.

So I was hoping reinfection would make me right within a month, like last year, but by week 3, I started reacting negatively to the worms with low grade fever, increased diarrhea, and a lot of pain.  I went two weeks like that, totally miserable, and decided to go on Prednisone to abate the flare and buy me time for the new worms to work.  I started with 40 mg. and did that for 5 days, decreasing by 5 mg. every 5 days.  It helped a lot, and didn’t really cause any side effects.

But now I’m 3 months past worm infection. Down to 2.5 mg. of prednisone, which I’ll stop in a few days.   Egg counts matured at around 9 weeks, and they are kicking out a steady output, about 700 epg.  I started feeling better a few weeks ago, but then got the flu, (10/15 Update: it was the flu + TSO 2500 ova) which set me back to bad bowel pain and diarrhea again.  I pulled out of that, but still am having copious mucus, blood, and pain.  My bowel movements are down to 2-3 times a day, some are solid, some not, but the pain and other symptoms leads me to believe the sigmoid and anus is still quite inflamed.

I decided to try TSO in addition to the hookworms, and have now drunk 3 doses, 2 weeks apart.  I went 3 weeks before drinking this last dose, because the last one coincided with the flu, and I wasn’t sure what was causing what.  But so far, no real luck or change, except that I am $5000 poorer.  In fact, I am having a very negative reaction after each TSO dose now; 99.8 fever, total diarrhea, nausea.   Guess it wasn’t such a good idea after all?   If I were in long term remission, I wouldn’t care a dime, all of the money would be well spent.

I’m hoping this next month brings relief, since it is when both worms should be kicking in. Although now, I think I’ll drop the TSO and see if the new hookworms alone will be better. <Update: total flare caused by TSO it seems.   Could it have been an allergic reaction?  Bad gut flora?  A commensal infection?  I guess time will tell. >

Very disappointed and scared, though. It sucks to be going through this since March, and the expectation for the worms to act like last year is trying.

If I had been able to infect in March, when my inflammation was just starting to rise, I think I could have prevented a lot of suffering.   I had little luck with my own incubation, so trying to infect myself, when my egg count was steadily dropping, didn’t work.  And the whole illegal nature of self incubation made me give up on it eventually.

Sorry for the bad news.  I wish the worms would kick in soon.  I’m giving it another month, then I’ll have to go on medication, which I am really not wanting to do.  But I’ll keep trying the worms in addition, since I really believe in them and they’ve brought me to a good place before.  I still am at a good weight, have pretty good energy, and look good, so they’re helping with the rest of my body, if not my colon.  And despite the ill colon health, I’ve managed to create an amazing community garden.

Good luck to all.  I hope your worm infections are side effect free and last a long time…

  1. A’s avatar

    Instead of going on the immunosuppressant/anti-TNF route, maybe you should consider a stem cell transplant which would give you a 50-80% chance of a real cure. Since you’ve failed all previous meds, you have a good chance to qualify for it.

    Here’s a thread from a Crohn’s forum describing the experience from one patient’s point of view:

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    Wow. I just read through the whole forum. I’m not sick enough to qualify, but even if I were, I’d be scared to do this route! All the antibiotics, chemo, etc. What I don’t understand, is if they give you your own stem cells back, wouldn’t you eventually develop crohn’s again?

    For now, I’ll keep experimenting with worms. I think they’ve got about a 50-80% remission rate too, and given that it worked for almost 2.5 years until recently, I hope that means I can fine tune the dosing and timing and get it to work again and for longer.

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    It is a risky procedure for sure but they’re getting better and better at perfecting it. There hasn’t been one fatality yet. The patients who don’t get cured or don’t get +5 years remission at least start to respond again to medications they once lost response to (this is because the antibodies to those medications are wiped out by the procedure).

    Since Crohn’s is not a purely genetic disease, and requires a trigger (possibly antibiotics, MAP, virus, low vitamin D), the thinking is that the disease will not come back unless you’re exposed to the original trigger again. I think if one were to get their vitamin D level up, take probiotics, and sparingly use antibiotics, along with possibly using helminthic therapy, it should prevent the Crohn’s from coming back after the transplant.

    I totally agree that you should stick with the worms because it seems like when they are in your system at least, they are keeping you in remission or close to it. With a higher dose or if you ever get access to human whipworm, I’m sure you’ll reach 100% remission.

    It’s nice to know there’s a backup plan though just in case you decide to go a different route in the future (and one that can potentially offer a real cure).

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    you really need to obtain Trichuris Trichiura! They live in the colon – that’s exactly where your disease is. They have localized inflammation suppression effect. I’d suggest to go on 40mg of prednisone for 2-3 weeks and get 2500 whipworm ova.

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    I’m trying TSO in the meantime, and I swear, they’re making me worse! The last 2 doses, I got diarrhea, nausea, and worse pain in my colon. I had the flu as well last time, so blamed it on that, but this time, I have the same symptoms. Total diarrhea the next day, and nausea, pain. Does this predict my future possible reaction to TT?

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    Do any other suppliers offer human whipworm?

    Jasper is cruel to refuse to treat you.

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    Well, considering my current reaction to TSO (extreme flare-up) I’m not sure what to think of whipworms. AIT is the only company that has been providing TT for over a year, so they have some experience. This is not an endorsement. has now added TT to their website as available organisms, so I guess there are two commercial companies to get trichuris trichuris from now.

    It would have been nice if I could have infected back in March, before my CRP numbers rose. 6 months later, I am still having a very hard time. The lesson: don’t wait too long to reinfect when you start losing efficacy.

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    I didn’t refuse to treat her, I made treating her conditional upon her complying with the Contract she had already signed with us previously and flat out refused to honour.

    A big difference.

  9. admin’s avatar

    I guess I’m still confused about how I flat out refused to honor it. Was it not providing an overview of my experience with helminthic therapy? I believe I wanted to use this blog so that when things changed, I could control the content and not worry about having my information stagnant somewhere, like the CBS video. I provided these two overviews last year on the Yahoo board:

    Why didn’t these count?

    I thought the reason you denied me whipworms was more that I was providing content that scared people, and the comments that followed suite, like the article on worms capable of producing pathogens. Please let me know how else I refused to honor the contract.

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    I do want to add that the providers of this service are doing heroic work, taking enormous risks in making this available to the public. There are many people benefiting, including myself in the past, from the option of these worms that we would have been too sick to obtain ourselves.

    That said, because there are only two providers of hookworms and human whipworms, and only one offering pig whipworms, there is basically a monopoly on helminth therapy. TSO is prohibitively expensive. The studies are only within a defined set of parameters, so most people cannot access worms without either 1) getting them themselves 2)paying for them from 1 of the 3 commercial companies or 3) enter the few and far between worm trials.

    However, I think that if one is denied service, the rest of the patients should know to be sure they are not guilty of the same contract crime, therefore at risk for losing the ability to reinfect when needed. And it seems unfair to penalize one when others are doing the same thing, if it is that I didn’t fulfill the contract by not providing a clear and concise testimonial.

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    Hey Jasper, you took $8000 off a near invalid. I guess you received those payments a lot in the early days. I’m sure you declared that as taxable income? I do my own accounts and I’m not sure if there’s a code for ‘illegal’/unlicensed drugs or biotherapies?! That $8000 is the for the IRS then. Please stop throwing your weight around on related helminth boards.

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    Many people have the opportunity for renewed health because of Jasper, we must remind ourselves. We may not have a good professional relationship, but most people order and receive their worms, get advice to tailor their needs, and either it works for them or it doesn’t. Attacking him about tax evasion seems a little harsh.

    What have other people’s experience been with the two commercial providers?

  13. admin’s avatar

    I added a summary to the pages here, and will update it periodically. So if ever you need an additional clear and concise report besides my Yahoo posts, you may use this:

  14. Jasper Lawrence’s avatar

    First off we did offer Debora Whipworm, in fact I actively encouraged her for months to do it before we had to leave the US. She dithered, the FDA intervened, and in the meantime she refused to honour her promises to us. A contract that I and Michelle took over an hour to go through with her and her husband line-by-line in our living room, which we then modified in some respects at their request (not something anyone else has ever requested), and still she refused to honour it having signed it.

    Ask yourself, would you put yourself out at all for someone who flat out refused to honour their agreement with you? I think not.

    Secondly, regardless of her circumstances or the price (which she agreed to pay after all, I did not hold a gun to her head) how many companies give products away subsequently? Possible lack of efficacy, not the case here, was part of the disclosure to Debora ahead of therapy. When people take Remicade or Humira and develop Lymphoma for instance do you think the respective manufacturers offer refunds, compensation or substitute medications?

    But that is exactly what AIT did when it acquired whipworm. We offered it for just the cost of shipping to everyone who had used hookworm and who had not achieved full, drug-free remission. We announced it on the Yahoo forum and in our newsletter, so it is a matter of public record. If Debora had simply accepted it when offered and honoured her agreement, that service would have continued to this day and she would likely be a lot better.

    If she had not decided to delay and had honoured her agreement with us she would be hosting our whipworm right now, at no extra charge.

    Third, how is it that I am suddenly believed to have not paid taxes? Leo, I took money from a “near invalid” just like every doctor and drug company in the world does . If she is honest Debora has to admit that the level of service we provided to her far exceeded what we were contractually obligated to provide. Not something any of you can expect from your doctors or drug companies. You are welcome, Debora.

    But when someone lies to you, signs an agreement and then refuses to honour it, a trust is broken. How can I believe anything she might promise in the future?

    Fourth, we do help a lot of people at discounted rates or even for free, but not when the client is irrational, hostile and provides an echo chamber for a not very bright coterie of followers some of whom seem to believe that I am a complete and utter asshole, on the basis of their writings.

    We have spent so much time working with and on Debora that that $7,900 she paid probably works out at less than minimum wage for us. But we were willing to continue working with her, and to provide whipworm for just the cost of shipping, which meant in practice a visit and a cup of tea since we lived a few miles apart at that time. Translation: at no additional charge.

    All that was required was that Debora write a “complete and honest account” of her experiences with us. Not a hagiography, a “complete and honest account”.

    Debora is in this situation not because I am some jerk, she is in this situation because she put herself there, we have behaved not just reasonably towards Debora, but generously.

    She can still obtain whipworm from us, all she has to do is sign the updated client agreement (standard policy), comply with it in advance (that trust thing), and pay for shipping.

    It is hard to understand some of the attitudes expressed here about me given our behaviour towards Debora.

    Those attitudes are not justified, and it has been nice to hear that they are not justified, even if in a limited way from Debora, who I presume is “Admin”.

  15. John’s avatar

    Jasper, can you clarify please which parts of the contract Debora refused to honor? In what precise way did she violate your trust? Also, was she the only one of your clients to do so?

  16. Jasper Lawrence’s avatar

    If you want to pick and choose amongst which parts of contracts you honour, after going through that contract line by line and requesting and receiving changes, I don’t think it matters which items one refuses to honour. She certainly could not plead ignorance, not that that would be a defence, anyway.

    You either honour your agreements or you don’t. If she had found a particular section objectionable she had plenty of opportunity, an opportunity not requested by, or afforded to, any other client before or since, to raise that objection in advance. In my living room, remember.

    So, she signed an agreement after reviewing it in detail, and then reneged on a portion of it.

    End of trust, breach of contract.

    As I have previously said here also, and privately to her in email, if she wants to continue with therapy she is welcome to if she signs and honours in advance our CA.

    I have not heard from Debora since we made this offer some time ago. She has talked about it here though.

    I think Debora is at least as interested in her public role in helminthic therapy as she is in getting well. Perhaps more so in the former.

  17. John’s avatar

    What I am curious to know is which portion did she renege on? Can you share that with us or is that secret information? The reason I am asking is that after reading this blog, there is a difference of opinions about what agreement she violated. So tell us – in what way did she break the contract?

  18. Leo’s avatar

    Just to raise a point with you Jasper:

    “Third, how is it that I am suddenly believed to have not paid taxes? Leo, I took money from a “near invalid” just like every doctor and drug company in the world does”

    Well, I am accountable for every damn dime I spend in my business. About 10 years ago I had a spot audit from the IRS which seemingly questioned everything including every internet purchase my small staff spent in a brief period. Thankfully due to our practice we were given a clean bill of health. Not without help from accountants/legal and other expenses.

    Like you I’m a European emigrant to the US.

    Fundamentally, if I charge a client $8000 for a service I declare the service provided on my tax forms. Funnily enough the portion I don’t get to keep goes to spending on healthcare, welfare, social dispensary and the wellbeing of the less fortunate in the USA. So I defy you to tell me that something like 25% of the 8k you cahrged and received went back into the social pot. You couldn’t legitimately declare it as ascribed income > Q.E.D you kept the lot as miscellaneous or sent it to your partner in the UK. You cannot cream 8K out of a multiple clients (many paying on credit cards) and just write this off as non-taxable income and since your product has been declared a drug, everyone who payed you this money has an imperative to contact a lawyer to reclaim the outlandish and illegal sums they’ve paid you. I commend them to do so.

  19. John’s avatar

    Instead of the conjectures about what provision of the contract Debora violated or conjectures whether Jasper pays his taxes, why don’t you let him answer my question in the previous post first? All this discourse maybe unnecessary.

  20. John’s avatar

    I wonder why Jasper isn’t replying anymore. He hasn’t answered my question. I am curious to know if he really believes that Debora violated her contract and he should prove it to everyone if that is indeed the case.

  21. Jasper Lawrence’s avatar

    Debora is the only person to refuse to honour any portion of the contract.

    This is the only time it has happened.

  22. admin’s avatar

    I took out comments from my own posts and others that I felt were too hostile or irrelevant to the discussion. If you’d like to resubmit a comment or alter what you’ve written here, please contact me.

  23. Jasper Lawrence’s avatar

    Specifically, you refused to supply a written account of your experiences, which we use for a variety of reasons. Not just marketing. We actually keep extensive records of response and regularly survey our clients, often through our mailing list which I am not sure you ever joined. Let me know if you would like to.

    You are the only client to so refuse when asked. No, we don’t ask everyone.

    The contract is specific, a blog, etc., that we have to trawl through, is not what we want.

    My offer remains, comply with the contract, and lets face it “honest and complete” can include “I find Jasper very difficult to work with” “my results with hookworm alone have been mixed at best”, etc., and whipworm are yours for just the cost of shipping.

    Our results with whipworm for inflammation of the colon, whether from crohn’s or UC are beyond excellent.

    As to this blog, I would prefer it if you would either defend me or block posts that attack me without any basis in fact. Saying I never paid taxes for instance, its ridiculous. I got a letter at age 36 from the Social Security Administration saying I had maxed out my contributions to SS and was eligible for the maximum benefits when I retired. A benefit lets face it I am now unlikely to receive.

    I have always paid my taxes, a lot of tax.

    Please stop wingnuts from attacking me here, and please consider that whatever our differences, and they have been many, that I took risks to treat you, persisted in doing so despite our differences and have made enormous sacrifices to keep this up.

    This doesn’t have to go up as a post, or you can edit it to deal just with the question of what exactly you have not done that our contract requires.

    For whatever reason you have seen me in a way that I just don’t recognise from the very beginning. But please also remember that I have persisted in trying to make you well for years despite everything. And while your fee was high, you did agree to it, and we have not charged you since. Not bad service, really, in my opinion. Can you think of any other company you have dealt with that has such a policy? Your doctor? Your pharmacist?

    We know so much more now about your condition. There is no reason for you to suffer from taking whipworm, and please stop taking the TSO. It is not very effective and besides creates problems for people who use TTO later.

    Please consider going through this blog and deleting emotional and hostile posts that are directed towards me. Reading them is very hurtful and contributes nothing either to our relationship or towards furthering Helminthic therapy. Leo for instance just hates me for some reason and his posts are just short of insane.

    I learned early on with the Yahoo group the limits of Total Honesty. Please consider blocking more comments like that.

    Finally, please bear in mind when you post that your followers to varying degrees put a lot of store in what you say.

    As far as I am concerned just as I am free to change my mind so are you. So if you want to try TTO and not end our relationship that is fine by me.

    But send me that written account. The reason I asked you to write it was that I wanted you to think through our history in detail. And remember you have the right to amend it at any time, and to request we not publish it. I never intended it to be used as a marketing piece, I wanted you to think through everything to do with you and me and to hopefully see me in a different light as a result.

    Charisma does not equal charlatan, and if people could see the emotional suffering Michelle and I have experienced in the last eight months, which could have been avoided simply by signing an affidavit agreeing to not produce helminths, no one could believe our intentions were anything but honourable. We are suffering from clinical depression, including suicidal thoughts, etc. To read people calling me a variety of names here does not go over well at the best of times. Consider walking away from your children for something you believe in and then reading some of the things written about me here. How would you feel? My children, Debora. The emotions are overwhelming and entirely horrible.

    In the meantime Garin has restored his post alleging we have strongyloides after we agreed with him to take down if he would take that down, which he did for an indeterminate amount of time. He knows it is bullshit.

    Not that I am claiming to be a saint, or even “normal”, whatever that means. But consider that were I not who I am hookworms would not be available, nor would whipworm. Garin only got hookworm because of my efforts. It isn’t like people are rushing off to the tropics to repeat my efforts, is it? Fine with brave words directed at me, but short on actual action.

    Which brings me to the whole open source idea. Cool, take all my efforts and sacrifices and give it away without any knowledge of what you are doing. Americans mailing one another human excrement will go a long way towards the goal of making this a mainstream therapy, not.

    And so it goes.


  24. admin’s avatar

    I have answered every survey you have sent me back promptly, and have provided Marc with frequent, lengthy, email updates over the course of the last 3 years.

    In addition, I sent these yahoo posts which counted as a written overview at the time:

    I asked to be put on the private forum and was never given permission, perhaps it was an oversite?

    I have a written, up to date account of my entire helminth experience that doesn’t require slogging through this blog:

    I have about 20 blood tests over the course of the last 3 years, a pre colonoscopy, an MR endoscopy when down to a handful of worms, and monthly or quarterly McMaster egg counts going back over the last 2 years, all of which I’ve shared with you.

    So in addition, I need to send you another written account according to your new specifications in order to access more worms? And your other patients do not? And you admit you denied me service when I needed more worms to maintain efficacy because I did not give you the correct written material?

  25. admin’s avatar

    This blog is an attempt for me to chronicle my journey with Crohn’s disease and worms, but unfortunately it has included some negativity that was inappropriate.

    I do not wish to malign helminth therapy. If this blog has confused any current or prospective patients about the validity of the therapy, please keep in mind that the worms work for many, and the science is overwhelmingly in favor of the depleted microbiome theory, (i.e. lack of worms and necessary bacteria).

    My main goal is to create a bridge between the “underground helminth movement” and the researchers, so we can prove the worms work without jeopardizing the therapy. I feel the most important goal is to liasion us willing guinea pigs with our doctors, researchers, and reporters, who have enough clout to demonstrate the potential of this therapy, since the studies take so long to be completed properly.

    I feel the providers should do whatever they can to work with the current physicians and researchers, to prove safety among donors, species given, collecting records of patients’ response, etc. This would be more important than anything I could ever do in helping to promote this therapy.

    I hope everyone trying this can get their doctor on board, and hopefully soon an independent researcher can create an online database so we can start collating our material and help the research move forward faster. The commercial providers have taken great risk to make this therapy possible. However, we need to work together to make this mainstream, if it is even possible for helmintherapy to become mainstream. We are overwhelmingly grateful for them giving us this opportunity.

    A paradigm shift (that we need worms to prevent autoimmunity) is in order, and that takes time. It needs our collective help.

  26. Jasper Lawrence’s avatar

    When you want whipworm, for the cost of shipping, like everyone else who bought hookworm before whipworm was available and who did not get 100% better from hookworm alone, then please send me the written account I request.

    Your account, besides perhaps having a therapeutic effect on yours and mine relationship, is unusual. Most people do not react like you. I don’t need more accounts by people who are typical who have Crohn’s. I have plenty. I also want a narrative, not a collection of snapshots. Is it so difficult for you to write this up?

    Set aside your obduracy, take a few hours to satisfy your contractual obligations, and lets try and make you better. So, if you can ever bring yourself to write a page or two about your experiences and send it to me, the offer stands.

    Given everything you have written to date I would suggest copy and paste, it might take you a few hours to write a complete narrative by stitching our existing writing together.

    I can assure you that your odds of seeing a very strong and sustained improvement, if not complete remission, are very high, if you use whipworm and the *methods we recommend*. Our questionnaire now includes, for Crohn’s patients alone, questions about where their disease is active. The therapy we offer is tailored to their answers, for good reasons. You have half of what you need.

    In my opinion TSO is not comparable to TTO. It does not work by immune modulation alone, witness its rapid destruction by the human immune system. It works, when it does, at least in part by providing an appropriate target for the immune system, by taking immunological resources that would otherwise be devoted to autoimmunity. Witness the accounts online of people seeing temporary remission for autism, as one example, after getting a lot of chigger bites. It also elicits an inflammatory response, particularly early on, hence your suffering.

    How much did that TSO cost by the way?

    I have always appreciated your energy, and the efforts you have made. Would that everyone were as active as you, most want nothing more than to be well and to remain anonymous. Some of our clients have not even told their spouses that they have tried helminthic therapy. I have asked, as a favour, not as part of the contract, for video testimonials for instance. I have received one to date. But I have plenty of emails from those same people thanking me profusely for “saving” their lives.

    As to recognising our sacrifices, I can assure you that until you have lost your children you cannot possibly appreciate what we have gone through. I gave the matter intellectual consideration years ahead of the FDA visit. The reality, the trauma, is far beyond anything I was able to imagine in advance.

    I also have a different idea than you about how to make this therapy succeed. Not necessarily better, but different.

    I believe that it will not succeed through the research community or the drug companies, but through the weight of successes, from community pressure. As I have argued on my blog, and elsewhere, by defining helminthic therapy as a drug, and because patents are not possible, the FDA at a stroke of some bureaucrat’s pen, turned helminthic therapy into an orphan drug.

    Success will shame the drug companies into action, nothing else will be sufficient.

    A simple examination of the economics of helminthic therapy as viewed from the drug company’s perspectives shows that they will never volunteer to push this therapy. But it is only they who have the resources to get it approved now that their catspaw, the FDA, has decided to classify it, without scientific review, as an Investigational New Drug. They could, by their own rules, as easily have classified it as a medical device, a vaccine or as a probiotic. It fits their definition of all those things. Only by classifying it as a pharmaceutical could they shut AIT down in the US. If they had classified it as a medical device, like leeches and maggots for instance, we would have been given 18 months to start a study, and would have been allowed to continue to sell it while we did so. Before they classified it as an Investigational New Drug (IND) I was told that this was one of the options they were considering. Imagine how excited I was, but it was not to be.

    We have not shipped to the US since they told us to stop.

    To think that drug companies are going to willingly work to substitute worms with a dosing interval measured in years and which are very cheap, for drugs with dosing intervals measured in days or weeks that cost from $1500 – $4,000, a dose is naive. One of our clients told us that their therapy, pre helmminths, cost their insurance company and them over $800,000.00 annually. He was lucky to have worked for a US State and had very good insurance.

    Just look at all the new research into MS and helminths, if that were a drug being investigated it would be hailed on front pages the world over as the last word, the end of MS, as it should be. How many of you have even heard of Correale or Farez, or of their work?

    Take Tysabri, for relapsing remitting MS, by one estimate I have read five years worth, excluding the doctor’s visits and blood tests required, that is for the drug alone, is about $140,000.00 in the US. If you get your average five years out of hookworm the cost is about $3,050.00. Is it really surprising the pace of research is so slow? The disincentive to the drug companies, again the only ones with the resources to get helminths approved, are enormous.

    This is not about science or truth, if it were helminths would already be widely available, and from your doctor. The CDC after all recommends US doctors not treat light infections of hookworm, which is all we deal in. Meaning they believe that they are safe, this after about 150 years of study of hookworm. Apparently the right hand of the US government has no idea or no interest in what the left hand is doing.

    This is about profit and money, lots of it. It is about public perceptions. Which, besides the personal aspect of being accused of everything from tax evasion to greed here, is why I find your willingness to allow anything at all to be said about me here in devotion, I think, to some abstract, and by my thinking very naive, dedication to an open and honest debate, so hard to take.

    So it is going to require the rest of my life to popularise this to the point it is accepted, depend on it.

    Think of Fox News, I have no doubt that at least some of their correspondents genuinely believe what they say. But does providing a platform for people to accuse Obama of being a foreigner, devoted to the destruction of the American way of life and values, etc., etc., really help anything? Just because someone is willing to say something, particularly anonymously (I am one of the very few people here going by my full name for instance), does not make it worth saying or broadcasting, which is what you are doing by approving it.

    As to proof of safety, I commissioned and paid for a piece of original research based on a review of the available literature, that did just that. Anyone here paid or worked for years to make this therapy available to others? Anyone else risked their lives by repeated trips to some of the most dangerous areas of the world? Anyone else sacrificed their family?

    I sunk every penny I had, mortgaged my house to the hilt, went through personal bankruptcy as a result, and eventually destroyed my family to be able to offer this therapy.

    So, please don’t lecture me on my methods or motives. As I have said before, I act, others call in their advice from the sidelines. A lot of that advice or criticism is naive, assumes the very worst about my motives, and is damaging to helminthic therapy because, for better or worse, I am one of only two practitioners, and by far the most prominent.

    Allowing any and all to post here their often ill-thought out and naive opinions about me, my motives and behaviour, helps no one.

    You moderate the posts here, all I am asking is that you block personal attacks or posts without foundation in fact. I have better things to do than to defend myself against accusations of tax evasion, as one for instance.

    I am finished here, I have said all I have to say. Except to state the obvious, I forgive you and want to apologise for any upset I have caused to you or yours.

    My desire, as it has always been, is to make you well.

    Good luck to all who are ill, as I was once.


  27. Leo’s avatar

    Jasper – I rather wonder how you label my reasonable enquiries into the sums levied and received by your entity AIT ( a ‘company’ as you often state) to be ‘insane’. I don’t believe an accountant, IRS administrator or tax lawyer, indeed anyone involved with federal revenue would concur. To such individuals, such matters of revenue and income are everyday, untroubling matters of due process. They don’t let emotion get in the way of insuring that the i’s are dotted and the t’s crossed. Transparency is their yardstick.

    From the vociferous response my suggestion provoked, I’m presuming you are – and always have been – fully compliant with the business legislature of the country in which you base your business. In which case, as a businessman, you have my apology. Nevertheless, I’m obviously perturbed by the facts that you are forced to flee the country and more worryingly still – rigorously demand that posts that question your activities are removed from disparate forums, blogs, websites or anywhere in the public domain, as is evident here.

    I can’t compete with the 54+ paragraphs you have posted here in mitigation of your treatment(s) but I can say I find these responses a curious mixture of false logic laced with non-sequiturs and lapses into extreme sentiment which could charitably be accused of opportunism or less-so of being highly manipulative. I think Debora has the freedom of speech to let others decide without being cowed by you.

  28. admin’s avatar

    Thank you, Jasper. I respectfully decline your offer of service as it is clear we do not agree with your contractual obligations nor possess a positive working relationship.

  29. admin’s avatar

    Hi Leo and other commentators,

    There’s been some confusion with my taking down comments on this blog. If you’ve ever submitted a comment, and I then choose to unpublish it, you will still be able to see your comment with a red “your comment is awaiting moderation”, but NO ONE ELSE CAN VIEW YOUR COMMENT ANYMORE BUT YOU.

    You should be able to look at this site on another person’s computer and verify this. Sorry for the confusion!!

  30. Peter’s avatar

    I’m investigating helminthic therapy, reading what I can find online, and just ran across this page. Not sure why, but I have to comment about Leo.

    Leo, Jasper has characterized your posts about tax as “insane,” and as an “outsider” I’ve got to say they do sound rather nutty. Unless there’s something else, some other information that is not posted on this page … where on earth does the tax thing come from? You’re running off in a bizarre direction, accusing him of tax evasion based on … what?

    >>>I’m sure you declared that as taxable income? I do my own accounts and I’m not sure if there’s a code for ‘illegal’/unlicensed drugs or biotherapies?! That $8000 is the for the IRS then.<<<

    What does this even mean? You're saying that the fact that he charges for his services means he's not paying taxes? What sense does that make? You say you do your own accounts, but don't seem to understand the basics. It's simple. You add up what you earn, deduct appropriate business deductions–whether or not the business is "legal" by the way, the IRS doesn't care–and what's left over is taxable. But Jasper isn't in the US anyway, so he doesn't owe US taxes.

    Leo, maybe you should stick to the issue at hand, helminthic therapy, and leave the accounting basics for a forum on business management.


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