Thank God, my symptoms have started improving the last few days.  I’ve slept through the night twice, and am having mostly formed stools.  I started drinking 2 bottles of kombucha a day, which has 2 billion s.boulardii as well as other organisms in it.  S. Boulardii was one of the few probiotics to be found beneficial for CD.  I also take take 750 mg. of supplemental s. boulardii along with 4 capsules of VSL#3, a probiotic also studied in IBD.  Whether or not these probiotics, the steroids (I’m down to 25 mg., coming down 5 mg. a week), or the hookworms are what are helping, I don’t know. I’m just glad I’ll be well enough to travel to Los Angeles in a week and give my talk on my helmintherapy experience at the BTeR conference.

I did only 1 egg count since the TSO disaster, and it was 500 epg.  I will do another tomorrow and assess my current worm population.

I’ve finished my slides for the BTeR Foundation, and am now practicing my talk.  I plan on borrowing a conference room on Sunday and filming a trial run, so I’ll give you all a preview in a few days.

Here’s a link to the BTeR conference:

I encourage you all to come.

In my talk, I discuss my reaction to hookworms, both the initial side effects and benefit by month 4.  I talk about how adding worms in “trickle doses” caused me to regress, and ultimately I lost my worms by the end of the first year.

I reinfect, get good efficacy for about 6 months, my egg count starts to drop.  I reinfect, get another 6 months.  Then Jasper Lawrence is raided by the FDA, flees the country, I go 9 months without being able to infect.  I discuss the lack of legal rights as patients; can we safely incubate and self infect?

I add 15 more worms in June, get worse, go on Prednisone, get better.  I add 3 doses of TSO and get substantially worse.

I talk about the microbiome and the slow pace of research on the hygiene hypothesis.  How patients cannot wait.  How we are willing to be case studied, to document our effects, but often our doctors are disinterested.  I ask how the autoimmune community can unite with the researchers to help propel helmintherapy research forward.

We’ll see what comes of it.  Hopefully it will be an inspiring evening.  Then I’ll get more worms….


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