Days 11 and 12: giving thanks!

Sometimes I have to write about the good times.  This blog has too much negativity it seems.   Yesterday, after sleeping through the night and having good dreams, I woke up to a solid bowel movement.  Granted, there was blood when I wiped, and it hurt coming through, but to have a solid bowel movement is such a joy.

I felt so happy yesterday, no nausea, some energy.  I went for my one hour walk, on the beach, besides the bluest ocean I’ve seen for days, the first day after a storm, clouds billowing out beautifully.  I was still a little loopy from the Benedryl I’d taken before bed (I seem to get Benedryl hang overs), but it just added to the mystery of nature. The ripples on the waves as they’re kissing  the sand is even more impressive when a little wacked out on Benedryl.

Later, I did some long needed gardening, and finally got super tired in the evening.

Although I got up once to use the bathroom last night, it was solid again!  As it was this morning!  I don’t know what’s going on, but perhaps I did have the flu the last week, or maybe the hookworms are in a good place right now with my system.  I’m sure it won’t last, but I’m loving it while I can.

With Crohn’s disease, you learn to milk your good times for all they’re worth.  So the tomatoes all got harvested.  The sunflower seeds collected and dried.  Thai basil seeds saved, teddy bear sunflowers, scarlet runner beans.  I’ve got a little urban farm that we’ve turned into a community artistic oasis, but being sick these last few months has meant cancelling our pie parties, holiday art shows, etc.  In January, we’re going to try to transform our two yards into a neighborhood food mecca, with interns to help plant and maximize our food crops; we’ve got 3 neighbors interested who will transform their lots as well, with the intention of sharing our produce longterm.  We’ve got the apple, plums, apricots, etc, you’ve got the walnut tree, parsimmons, lemons.  We can’t fit it all in our lot, so our neighbors can plant their own trees, and we’ll all share forever.

Of course, we’ll blog about it.  All on

With a chronic disease, it’s hard to start new businesses.  I was offered two jobs in the last 2 months, both extremely exciting.  I had to turn them down, going through the TSO nightmare.  I’ve turned down so many important job offers over the years, I try not to care.  A modeling career, an art school in Florence, an acting gig, the most recent:  pie maker at a very fun and artistic restaurant.

But walking on the beach yesterday, the most beautiful day you can imagine…having had a solid bowel movement, with energy to walk at all!  No pain in my digestive system, granted some mucus came out so I had a wet butt most of the way home, but nothing’s perfect in life…still.  My girls are healthy and smart, so beautiful, well balanced. My older daughter is turning 13 in a few weeks, and she still hugs me everyday.  I have a husband who adores me, and is getting cuter every day as he works hard at his exercise regime.  His rash came back yesterday, little raised bumps that itched.  But he feels fine other than that, no husband hookworm side effects to report yet.

I feel privileged to know about helmintherapy and to have access to it at all.  I love working with Dr. Llamas who calls me now and reminds me not to worry.  It’s so nice  working with  rational and easygoing providers, who answer my questions without paranoia or venom.  And I have hope that these new worms will eventually help; perhaps they are helping already?  I really have nothing to attribute these two days of beautiful health, but I am thankful for them while they last.

And my husband, the chef, is cooking tonight’s dinner, his father, also the chef of the family, helping.  We already celebrated Thanksgiving in LA last weekend, so this is #2!  Not to be afraid of the meal is a blessing.

So to all out there struggling with various diseases, may you too have a few glorious days.  Just to remind you that they are out there, and every day has moments to cherish.  Now I need to get my warm clothes on to greet the ocean waves, then come back to make an apple pie…with almond flour crust…and honey in the filling…with apples from my tree.

Life is good.  At least right now.

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    I hope it lasts. Thank you for great blog.

  2. admin’s avatar

    Still better, but the nausea is coming back again…


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