Hosting Worms and Needing Antibiotics?

So I may have developed a rectal abscess.  Oh joy.  I’ve had rectal pain that’s shooting, stabbing, very bad on and off for over a month.  Worse, I’m now getting fevers every week that last for 2-5 days.  I contacted my GI, who wants me to go directly to the colo-rectal surgeon, who wants me to do a CT scan first, then a rectal exam.  I can’t get in for a week.

Yesterday, I went to my local GI who felt around a bit with his pinky, then pointer finger, and he didn’t feel any big mass, but thought he felt a soft spot that was painful and might be an abscess.  It also might be up where he can’t reach, or in the wall of the rectum.  Only the CT scan will tell for sure.

IF I have an abscess, the usual course of treatment is antibiotics: Flagyl and possibly Cipro.  Precisely the antibiotics that either kill the worms or reduce their egg laying and efficacy for up to two months.  Some positive changes were FINALLY occurring this last week; the nausea lifted (both in my husband and me), I’ve started having some perfectly solid stools (well, they’re thinner then I like, but to actually see the pieces of stool piled up on top of each other is an IBD’ers joy.)  I’m still having loose stools mixed in, mucus, blood (My GI says my internal hemorrhoids are bleeding too).  If it weren’t for this potential rectal abscess and fever over the last few days, I thought I was getting better.

Which leads me to the antibiotic dilemma.  If I have an abscess, I can’t ignore it.  It may even need to be surgically drained.  To have to start over with reinfecting, after just getting through 6+ weeks of side effects after enduring TSO side effect hell after just getting through the 8 weeks of side effects from June’s hookworm dose…oh God, I do not want to have to go through that again so soon.

So I’ve been researching natural antibiotics that do not kill the worms.  I have a week.  Whatever I can do in the meantime may save me from disaster.

And it really makes me realize:  we need an effective substitution for antibiotics.  If we want to not harm our worms, and experience ongoing efficacy, it’s critical that we establish an antibiotic substitute that is effective and worm safe.

I’ve been doing research, and this is what I’ve come up with so far:

  • Bacteriophage therapy :  This would be ideal, but isn’t really known about here in the US.  It involves using viruses to target specific bacteria.  In non-scientific terms, the virus “eats” the bacteria until it’s gone, then the phage dies.  Wouldn’t destroy other good bacteria of the gut, like broad spectrum antibiotics.  You have to culture the bacteria to know which phage to use.  Right now,  I have only found two naturopaths who use phages, one in Portland, the other Olympia Washington.  Evergreen College is doing research on phages; I haven’t heard back from them for recommendations if I can find anyone locally to use them, if it’s even a possibility.
  • raw garlic: This study showed up to 21 grams of raw garlic a day didn’t lower egg count, but the eggs failed to mature into larvae as pre-garlic larvae, and some eggs died, but after 2 days of stopping the garlic, everything went back to normal. I clove of garlic is approximately 2 grams, so that’s a lot of garlic.  I’m currently chewing on 3 raw cloves of garlic a day.
  • Oregano Oil: this should not be taken orally, since it’s supposed to potentially kill the worms.  It’s considered very antibiotic to a wide range of pathogens.  I am applying it topically; with a rectal syringe, in 8:1 concentration with olive oil.  Combined with the raw garlic, I smell like a pizza!
  • Colloidal silver: Is it safe?  Does it work?  I don’t know, but I’m also applying this topically in the syringe.  Won’t take it orally since it may hurt the worms.
  • Propolis: supposed to be anti everything, potentially anti-helminthic.  I thought I’d try a little bit orally and see what happens.

If you have taken oral natural antibiotics whilst hosting helminths without hurting them, please let me know.  And I’ll update in a week with what the CT scan shows.  If I have to take Flagyl and start over again…oh God.  Will cross that bridge when I get to it.


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