Worm Haitus

Since I have to go on antibiotics for at least a month or more (Cipro and Flagyl, the worst offenders)  I’m going to log off on this blog.  It’s been an interesting 3 year ride.  What I’ve learned:

  • Dose as infrequently as possible.  All of my doses *may* have led to an increased immunity to the hookworms, judging  by the increase in side effects and inability to hold on to the infection for long.
  • Don’t wait to redose until you are inflamed.  Then things get worse, with all the nasty consequences.
  • Don’t wait too long to use western medicine if the worms are failing to control your disease.
  • Don’t expect the worms to do everything.  Use them with diet, other supplements, exercise, meditation, etc.  Even if the worms allow you to eat sourdough bread and Thai food for the first time, resist.

May you have a much easier path then me.  I wish you all sweet remission, no worm side effects, and a pain free life filled with chocolate.   Goodbye.

  1. pw’s avatar

    From the book ‘Beat Crohn’s’:

    “Ciprofoxacin is sometimes used in combination wiht metronidazole. However, in at least one retrospective study, using the two drugs together wasn’t any more effective than using one or the other alone”
    Prantera et al., 1998

    When I was was prescribed both, based on the above info, I decided to take only cipro to minimize potential side effects.
    I has been also recommended to load on probiotics after stopping with the antibiotics.

    I was hoping that you continue blogging…worms are just one therapy, but I guess you see this blog more as a blog about worms than battling Crohn’s in general.

  2. Robert’s avatar

    Best wishes Debora!

  3. Mike S’s avatar

    Thank you for all your blogging, as always Debora. I wish you the best. Maybe this blog can still be a place where you write about your struggles with Crohn’s?

    Best wishes.


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