Still have Eggs and Solid Stools

Just did an egg count: 550 epg.  Many eggs outside the grid (19!) so nice active population.  Which means the hookworms survived the IV antibiotics Flagyl and Cipro, plus a few days of oral, then 3 weeks of Augmentin, another antibiotic, and all the miscellaneous painkillers, CT scans with contrast, etc.

And I’ve been doing a lot better this last week.  I’m sleeping through the night without having to get up to use the bathroom.  Stools are magically solid each time, with little to no mucus, and no blood.  I’m going about 3 times in the morning, and maybe another one in the evening.

Still have pain in my rectum, still not right all the way.  I find out next Monday exactly what’s going on as I have an MR enterography scheduled.

Could the antibiotic/probiotics be working well?  (I upped my probiotic regime after starting IV antibiotics.  I take s. boulardii and VSL #3, 3-4 times a day.)  I’m also taking 4 sulfasalazine a day without issue.  (Except that I’m getting sunburn very easily and have some tinnitus.)

Today is my birthday, and I thought I’d be sicker then this.  But I’m pleased to have solid stools coming out, and even though I’m itchy with yeast and hemorrhoids, I am tolerating more foods and will be enjoying a flourless chocolate cake slice this evening with Coconut Dream ice cream.

I also should add that I started drinking a little raw milk every day.  About 1/4 a cup, and I usually drink it with one dose of my probiotics.  A good friend of mine with Crohn’s swears by it and has better, more immediate efficacy then he got on the hookworms, which he lost after about 9 months.  It’s been nice having a  little in with my black tea in the morning….yum.

So are the hookworms finally helping, was it all the antibiotics/probiotics?  I guess I find out on Monday what’s really going on, and then I get to decide my next move.  (Should I sit with what I have now, go on Cimzia, try human whipworms…oh the choices in the Crohn’s disease arsenal…)

Off to soak in hot tubs, get a massage, and plant sweet pea flowers.  Life is finally good, I’m getting more energy, back in the garden, biking again, building my muscles back from the atrophy of the hospital.  Let’s see if it lasts…


  1. Mike S’s avatar

    I’m very relieved to hear that you’re finally feeling better, regardless if it is due to helminths, great news!

    If you go forward with helminths again, I really think you should try some h whipworm.

    Hooray for spring!

  2. pw’s avatar

    Good to hear that you are feeling better. It is such an encouragement to hear that one can recover from a prolonged flareup. Now, if it is the combination of antibiotics/probiotics that changed your bacterial flora and helped with Crohns, then you should try helping the process and go on a diet. What you eat directly affects the gut flora and according to some (W. Lutz M.D – Life without bread) low-carbohydrate diet is the key to stay healthy.


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