The Plan

I tried coming off the antibiotics a few weeks ago, and 5 days later, things were starting to regress and I was very nauseous, started getting up at night again to use the bathroom.  So my doctor said to go back on them until I find something else to get off of them with.  Sigh.

So I started the GAPS diet which is basically SCD but with much more emphasis on probiotics.  You’re supposed to drink lots of bone broth between meals, make veggie juices, and stick with mostly meat, vegetables, and some fruits.  Later, you can add nut flour products.  You’re encouraged to start adding probiotic foods (saurkraut, kefir, yogurt) slowly until you build up to eating probiotics with every meal. The first few days were hard, as I was craving chocolate and fruit, but those have gone away and I’ve settled in for the long hall.  My friend gave me some nettles, so I’ve been juicing those and made some tea to try to increase my nutrition.

I’m getting all my gear to try a fecal transfusion enema.  The procedure is mainly used for c. difficile, and  has a high cure rate, even after repeated rounds of antibiotics have failed.  It’s used less so for IBS and IBD.  I figure it’s worth a try, and may be a way to repopulate my colon with appropriate flora.   I once had a colonoscopy that looked like a c. difficile  infection, but tests were negative.  Flagyl stopped my flare in its tracks, within a few days I had a solid bowel movement after having diarrhea forever.   I’ve since learned that there are over 150 species of clostridia, but they only test for 2 I believe.  Every stool test I’ve sent to a place like Great Smokies showed absolutely no beneficial flora, and an overgrowth of various things like klepsiella.  This study shows that after 2 weeks of a single infusion (I believe), the recipient’s colonic flora was very similar to the donor’s.  Although in the murine model, this study showed that there was less success after antibiotics in repopulating the microbiome, but that just tells me I’ll have to do it a few rounds, probably not just one week.

Another avenue I’m exploring is buproprion (generic for Wellbutrin).  This study showed in the murine model, that buproprion profoundly lowered TNF alpha.  Another study was done with psoriasis patients, and many of them had lowered plaque levels after 6 weeks on the drug, and one who elected to stay on it had the effects last 3 months, another was still well 19 months later.  There was a thread on healingwell of one parent whose daughter did well on it alone for 7 years, apparently there are a few others.  I don’t like being on antidepressants, but I’m already on 10 mg. of Celexa, which seems to be doing nothing, so I figured I’d switch.  I’m three days in, took 100 mg. the first day and 150 the second.  Getting a little wired and twitchy, so I’ll sit with this dose for at least a week before adding.

And if all that doesn’t work, it’s either Prochymal or Cimzia.

I still have worms, but they’re not supposed to work when you’re on antibiotics.  But if I flare off of the antibioitcs, are they enough?  I’m not as enamored of the worms as in the past, since this year has been hell and I haven’t had a fistula or abscess in over 23 years (and then, it was a rectal abscess not a fistula).  I think it had to do with using Prednisone to manage the side effects, and the dismal TSO experiment.

It’s been quiet in the worm world.  I never got a refund from AIT.  Jasper said the middle of March.   I wasn’t expecting anything, but gave my paypal information, was told that he was going to wait a few weeks.  We’ll see if anything comes….

Husband has worms.  Found them in my last egg count.  But he ate some walnuts a few weeks ago and had a mouth reaction, so no oral benefit.  Didn’t have that many eggs either, but I’m going to repeat since both of us had a lot of fiber in the way, and I didn’t stir the stool as well with the salt water as I normally do.  (I had to wait hours, and both of our solid bowel movements had hardened.

What do you think of my plan?


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