IVig Worked!

2 days after my IVig, my chronic pain from the pyoderma was gone.  Gone!  A few days later, all intestinal pain was gone.  It felt like a miracle.  You never realize how much pain you are living with until you aren’t.  Stools began to firm up, I didn’t feel nauseous all the time.  Ah, blessed relief.

I caught a terrible cough though, and while I was enjoying this wonderful break from pain, I was coughing so much that I pulled a muscle in my ribs.  But the pyodermic bump became less red, grew smaller, and I began to feel like perhaps there was hope in this world after all.

So of course, I had to push my boundaries and eat wildly off my diet well into Thanksgiving, and the second infusion did not act like a miracle to reverse the looser stools  and ileal pain that was beginning to form.

So on December 1st I went back on strict SCD and added some anti inflammatory substances:

LDN 4.5 mg

curcumin 3 g

green tea extract 1 g

l. glutamine 9 g

fih oil 3 g EPA/DHA

and within a few days, solid stools returned and have been ever present.  Pain is better, but not gone.  Pyoderma is still pain free, all white with scar tissue, bump way smaller, but not gone.  So yet again, lesson learned that I must always be diligent with diet and not expect any one thing to be the miracle that allows me to be the glutton and drinker like I truly desire…sigh.

I went to a UCSF immunology and took a bunch of tests, but they found no immunodeficiencies.  Then why don’t I get eosoniphelia when I’m first infected with hookworms?  At least she’s willing to instruct my doctor in the dosing used for other autoimmune diseases.  The current plan is to do 4 monthly infusions, then wait.  When I regress (if…I should try to stay positive) then we do 4 more.  Assuming my insurance keeps approving it.

I’m also taking advantage of my relatively stable health and getting my mercury amalgams removed.  Interesting that a Cliffords test looking for what dental materials I accept showed an intolerance to all metals but titanium.  Confirms why I can’t wear earings for long without getting pain or itchiness.  I wonder what one of the most toxic metals in my mouth is doing to my immune system?  We’ll see if it makes a difference.  1 down, 5 more to go…

I’ve got a holistic dentist who is doing everything properly, but I’m doing weekly IV vitamin C and glutathione, plus a 1 hour biomat session to help detox.  The latest session left me really tired and then I had the strange sensation a few hours later of having to poo, and a bunch of brown, slightly greenish substance came out…I guess mucus..and I have no idea why except maybe it’s detox…it was only that one day.

I trust nothing will be effective for long, so I hedge my bets.  Next week I go back to Mexico to get 10 more hookworms.  The never ending experiment…

  1. Jerry’s avatar

    how are you doing?

  2. admin’s avatar

    I’m doing OK. The pyoderma is gone. The Crohn’s is starting to hurt in my ilium and I’m getting some random anal and vaginal pains that I may have to check out. I’m in the side effect period of the new hookworms, so hoping it’s just that, since my joints are aching occasionally in my fingers. Weight is good, appetite good. I need to get a blood test to check for inflammation.

    My veins are worn out from the IVig though and they hurt.


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