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I get asked a lot for recommendations on who to get worms from.  There are currently 3 worms used for therapy: TSO, or trichuris suis ova, hookworms (necator americanus) and human whipworms (trichuris trichuria). Read the rest of this entry »

Right now there is an explosion of articles on helmintherapy, because one single man had the courage to try worms independently, and do enough colonoscopies to prove efficacy.

For those of you new to this blog, I’ve had Crohn’s colitis for over 20 years, tried almost all the available western (and alternative) medications, and tried hookworms (necator americanus) in December of 2007 to reverse my severe ileal-colonic Crohn’s disease.  It worked!  I had many horrible side effects the first few months (see year 1 on this blog), but I also experienced gains I never had before, like the heighest weight ever (this is a good thing), clearer skin (this was an unexpected bonus) and the ability to eat foods I hadn’t tolerated in over a decade.  (Dark chocolate, my new love.) Read the rest of this entry »

Many articles came out today about the case study of a man with ulcerative colitis who used human whipworms  (trichuris trichiura) as therapy for UC, with colonoscopy samples to supply information on inflammatory pathways and mucus secretion in relation to these helminths:




From Scientific American: http://www.scientificamerican.com/article.cfm?id=helminthic-therapy-mucus

For the Good of the Gut: Can Parasitic Worms Treat Autoimmune Diseases?

Helminths could suppress immune disorders by promoting healthy mucus production in the intestine

By Ferris Jabr December 1, 2010

human-whipworm-eggs PROPITIOUS PARASITE: Human whipworm (Trichuris trichiura) eggs from a patient who deliberately infected himself with parasitic worms to treat his ulcerative colitis, an inflammatory bowel disease. The worms may have sent his sent his disease into remission. Image: Kimberley Evason, UCSF Read the rest of this entry »

It was a stunningly beautiful weekend in LA.  My husband and I arrived at the ICB 2010 conference early, and registered.  The grand disappointment of the weekend was Dr. Pritchard got in a car accident a few days before the event and was unable to attend.  The main reason I had come was to hear what he has learned with helmitherapy, and to finally meet the man behind the science.  I wrote my whole talk with him in mind, and my intention was to perhaps connect the patients here in the US with more researchers and doctors who would be interested in studying this.  He is such an inspiration, one of the few pioneers who has the knowledge to do the studies that will ultimately prove this therapy works.  His absence was sorely missed, as he was going to provide the results from his many trials and observations. Read the rest of this entry »

My slides:


My talk:  (numbers in parentheses are the slides)
(1)My name is Debora Wade and I have had Crohn’s disease for over 20 years.  Since December of 2007 I have been experimenting with helmitherapy.  In other words, (2)I have approximately 15 of these hookworms living in my small intestine as I speak. Read the rest of this entry »

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