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I’m researching incubation methods, and hopefully in a few weeks I will embark on my first McMaster egg count. There seem to be 3 choices for incubating the hookworm larvae; the Baermann, Harada-Mori, and the AP method (agar plate.) Here’s a nice visual and thorough list of requirements for the first two methods:


This article goes into great detail on the advantages of each method:


Incubation temperature is important, and 30C (86 degrees farenheit) is optimal:


I’ll provide an equipment list and write about the process once I’ve ordered the supplies, and tried it out. Oh why didn’t I take a science class in college? An art major in oil painting is not helping me out here…perhaps I’ll start a larval triptych!

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A little more information about hookworms and the hookworm eradication

Is this true about the males? That they detach after mating; I wonder
how the life cycle would continue then.