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It’s now been 2 years I’ve been trying helminthic therapy.  I realize this blog is sort of disorganized and my response has been all over the place, so let me just sum things up.  I’m working on a FAQ page which will make it all easier.

I tried 10 hookworms Dec. 17, 2007 for the first time.  I’ve had Crohn’s colitis for over 21 years, my symptoms before hookworms were:  weight 137   Night sweats nightly.  Went diarrhea at least 4 X in the night, another 4-6 times during the day.  Very painful, mostly all diarrhea or some soft, loose stools.  I had urgency so bad I wore adut diapers at night, otherwise I’d spew out onto the floor on the way to the bathroom.  My ileal-cecal valve was inflamed to the point of causing partial blockages almost nightly, very, very painful. Read the rest of this entry »

Well, the miscarriage wasn’t complete and earlier this week, I had profuse bleeding, including the passing of large blood clots and couldn’t get in to see an OB/GYN since they were all out delivering babies. Finally got seen on Thursday, and there was one piece of placenta just hanging out by my cervix; she fished it out, and hopefully that is that. The bleeding has gone down to almost nothing, finally. Thank God.

But the bad news, is all of those iron shots in the Spring have been depleted. I haven’t tested how much blood I lost, but I am pale and dizzy, my heart is racing, and I can’t do much around the house. I’ve got that lovely wan look so favored in Victorian times. Now my red lipstick looks more dramatic! Read the rest of this entry »

So, looks like the FDA discovered Jasper and AIT’s orginization.  Doesn’t look good.  We may be on our own from here on out.  Considering the FDA has frequently blocked importation of TSO, which is supposedy created in a reputable pharamaceutical company in Germany and/or Thailand, I don’t think they’re going to OK a hookworm incubation in the US.

First incubation attempt will be today.  I’m going to try mixing the 31 eggs I just counted in their salt-water solution into a few grams of my husband’s stool, and smear it on a piece of filter paper, placing that in a petri dish with some filtered water, then place that in a dehydrator at the appropriate temperature.  I’ll write a hookworm incubation 101 if I’m successful.

The Australian celiac disease trial just released their data.  It worked!  Those with celiac disease were able to eat bread with much less intestinal damage than the placebo. And everyone elected to keep their hookworms.  And they were only given 15 worms total, so that’s pretty amazing.




I can contest that I was on SCD (Specific Carbohydrate Diet) which was originally meant for celiac disease for 7 years before trying hookworms.  And one of the greatest pleasures of hookworms is the ability to eat sourdough bread.  I’ve since cut it out, mostly because I’m still suffering from nutritional deficiencies from years of Crohn’s, and I figure white flour isn’t doing me any good.  But there’s nothing like toast and tea for breakfast after years of deprivation.

Try some hookworms.  It’s good for what ails ya.


Not content to be one of the first women with Crohn’s disease trying hookworms, I thought I’d just throw a new loop in the mix.  I just found out I am pregnant!  Oh boy.  My new worms just attached yesterday as well.  Now, besides approximately 20 hookworms, I have a new parasite growing inside of me.  I have been wanting and trying to get pregnant for many years, and to no avail.  I actually just took an FSH test last week, wondering if I was entering perimenopause, but…er, no.

Only 2 weeks pregnant, and I shoudn’t be announcing it.  I had a miscarriage years ago, so I know this couldn’t take.  But I’m not the kind to hold things in, and if I miscarry, I’d rather have the support of my friends who knew what I was going through.

Still having insomnia and anxiety, which sucks.  I was just ready to go on an SSRI/ benzodiazapen combo, but…I guess not now.  Didn’t fall asleep unti 4 AM last night, but slept until 9:45, so at least I’m sleeping some.  Hoping the fatigue and exhaustion kicks in in a week, and I go back to a normal sleeping schedule.

Oh, how life is so interesting!

You can add fertility to the list of the benefits of hookworms.

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