There are several forums devoted to helminthic therapy:

Two new forums have just been started on Facebook.

The above forum is for people interested in or using helmintherapy.

This above forum is for users and providers.

This is a Yahoo forum that has been in existence since 2007.  It has the most information and users to date.  John Scott, a patient of AIT and Donna Beales, also a patient of AIT are moderators.

A second Yahoo forum has been created to discuss incubation techniques for hookworms.  There is no moderation:

There is a forum for autism and use of trichuris suis ova (pig whipworm, or TSO).  This is a closed forum requiring membership to view the posts. Mostly for children trying TSO for autism and other diseases. Stewart Johnson, the site creator is moderator. Hasn’t been very active lately:

Another forum for TSO users :


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