WBALTV Baltimore: “Medical Alert: Worm Therapy”

ABC Radio International: “A Hookworm Saved My Life“:

Parasites: A User’s Guide: (from which I shamelessly pilfered most of these links.  Thank you, Sharon Shattuck)

House, Season 6, Episode 6 :

Radiolab, WNYC, Sept. 25, 2009 Parasites:

ABC NEWS: Worms Get Their Hooks into Celiac Sufferers:

Mercola: How Parasites Can Trick Your Immune System Into Health:

CBS NEWS, Part II: Health Watch: Patients on Hookworm Therapy Swear By Treatment:

CBS NEWS, Part I: Health Watch: Some Turn to Hookworms to Treat Ailments:

NY TIMES: Scientist at Work: The Worms Crawl In:

NY TIMES: Idea Lab; The Worm Turns:

NY TIMES: Personal Health: Babies Know: A Little Dirt is Good for You:

NY TIMES: Early Fevers May Lower Allergy Risk:

THE EVOLUTIONARY & MEDICINE REVIEW: Genes Essential to the Immune System That are “entrusted” to microbrial “Old Friends”:

Canadian Broadcasting  Corporation: Project X: Immunotherapy using Helminth Infection with Hookworms or Whipworms:

NHS: Are Worms Key to Health?:

INFECTION RESEARCH: Parasites and the Hygiene Hypothesis:

TELEGRAPH UK: Infecting Patients With Worms ‘Could Hold Key to Treating Asthma’:

THE WASHINGTON POST: Immune Systems Increasingly Under Attack:

EBIOLOGYNEWS: Bloodsucking Hookworms May Harbour Asthma Cure:

THE BOSTON GLOBE: His Parasite Theory Stirs a Revolution:

BBC NEWS: Parasites ‘May Help MS Patients’:

THE ECOLOGIST: Why We Need Germs:

THE GUARDIAN UK: Scientists Recruit Worms for Fight Against Asthma:

ASTHMA UK: Gut Parasites Linked to Reduced Asthma Risk:


SCIENCE DAILY: Parasite Infection May Benefit Multiple Sclerosis Patients:

So why the hell can’t we get worms now?


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